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Engineering Characteristics

Our corrugated pallets are custom designed and engineered for you.

Our ALL CORR corrugated pallets are lightweight, customized corrugated pallets that reduce shipping costs and decrease the environmental impact of doing business. Hurst Manufacturing makes corrugated pallets strong, durable, and lightweight. Because our pallets weigh between 5-12lbs, compared to 45lb wood pallets, Hurst can offer you a low-cost, highly efficient shipping solution, especially on Less Than Load (LTL) shipments.

At Hurst Manufacturing, we custom design and engineer corrugated pallets to meet your company’s specific shipping needs. A standard 48” by 40” ALL CORR corrugated pallet has been compression tested to 15,000 lbs.

For a fast and friendly quote please call 309-738-0461.

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