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Hurst Manufacturing Corrugated Pallets

Our ALL CORR corrugated pallets are 100% recyclable.

At Hurst Manufacturing Company, we know it’s important that you have a low-cost, highly efficient shipping solution. Our corrugated pallets can make your processes much easier. Because they are lightweight, strong, and built without nails or staples, your team can easily transport them. Our design allows you to include more product per transport load for incredible savings on Less Than Load (LTL) shipments. We can customize them for you, too. Hurst can enhance your pallets to include non-skid or skid coatings.

Our ALL CORR corrugated pallets meet all OSHA regulations and are exempt from ISPM15 and international shipping regulations. Your products will spend less time in Customs and shipments with our pallets can be accepted where wood pallets cannot i.e. food and pharmaceutical plants. 

For a fast and friendly quote please call 309-738-0461.

Corrugated Pallets

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